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Phenol-free phosphite EGPHOS PL-81

Application note: EGPHOS PL-81 is an environmentally friendly phenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidant, generally referred to as TDP. Widely used in PVC, ABS, PU, EVA, SBR, CR and other systems, with excellent thermal stability and color stability. Not only can it improve the initial coloring and light transmittance of PVC products, but also it can effectively inhibit product aging and maintain the brightness and color consistency of products.
Product information: Chemical name: Triisodecyl phosphite
Chemical formula: C30H63O3P
Molecular weight: 502
CAS NO.: 25448-25-3
Technical index: Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Chromaticity (Pt-Co): ≤50
Relative density (25℃): 0.880-0.910
Refractive index (25℃): 1.4580-1.4630
Acid value (NaOHmg/g): ≤0.10
Physical characteristics: Phosphorus content %: 6.2
Density (gm/cm3@25℃): 0.8867
Flash point, ℃: 113
Viscosity (cps@25℃): 15
Solubility: soluble in benzene, alcohol, ester and other organic solvents, insoluble in water
Package instruction: 170 kg/galvanized bucket

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